Automator Software

BePunctual Automator Software helps the administrator to save time by automating some of the frequent tasks he would otherwise be performing manually with BePunctual.

Tasks that can be automated include:

  • Generating and emailing reports to managers
  • Broadcasting popup messages to employees running the Staff Punch Station Software
  • Broadcasting today’s messages to Group Punch Station Software
  • Punching out for staff who has forgotten to punch out  
  • Signing out for visitor who has not sign out

BePunctual Automator Software can be used for the purposes:

  • Generate and email weekly attendance report to managers.
  • Generate monthly employee worked hours and pay reports to finance manager.
  • A manager who wants to monitor employee attendance when he is not in town can do so by having attendance report to be email to him everyday.
  • A company with multiple locations can setup the software at each location to automatically email reports to the HQ.
  • Automatically broadcast messages to employees at the punch stations.
  • Automatically sets the Today’s Message of punch stations.
  • Automatically punch out for employees who forgot to punch out after office hours.
  • Automatically sign out all visitors at the end of the day with remark set to “auto sign out”